IOH and Google Cloud expand partnership

18 June 2024

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH) has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to develop AI solutions for enterprises and consumers, a move for the Indonesian operator to diversify its paths to growth.

IOH has partnered with Google Cloud since 2021 and said in a statement that this expansion positions it as an AI-native TechCo. The operator will tap into Google Cloud’s unified AI stack to develop such solutions that it claims will be enterprise-grade AI and Gen AI based.

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Viettel High Tech to deliver private 5G with UTL Group

18 June 2024

Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation (Viettel High Tech) has signed its second commercial contract to deliver its private 5G solution in India – this one with United Telecoms Limited (UTL Group).

Under the contract, Viettel High Tech will deliver its 5GP (5G Private) solution – which incorporates 5G NR RANs (Macro, Micro, AIO base stations), 100G transmission network, and 5GC core network – to UTL within three months. Viettel's system enables the provision of private network services, including two primary offerings: eMBB data and VoNR service.

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Telegraph42 announces new data transit route through Asia

10 June 2024

Telegraph42 has announces the unveiling of an alternative data transit route between Frankfurt and Hong Kong which passes through the Balkan regions, the Middle East and Central Asia.

The new ‘Southern Route,’ the first part of the larger of Digital Silk Way Project, is based on high-speed data transfer infrastructure, replacing reliance on existing subsea cable, and resulting in fast and secure, data transfer between Hong Kong and Europe with an initial throughput of up to 1Tbps, but with the guaranteed possibility of very fast channel expansion.

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Equinix opens first two IBX data centres in Malaysia

30 May 2024

Equinix officially opened its first two International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres in Malaysia on Monday – one in Johor and the other in Kuala Lumpur.

The Johor facility – JH1 – has been in the works since Equinix first announced plans to build it in late 2022 with an initial investment of approximately US$40 million. JH1 provides 500 cabinets and 1,960 square meters of colocation space.

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