OMNIA: democratising the cybersecurity and SD-WAN markets

08 August 2023

OMNIA is a total solution democratising SD-WAN, cybersecurity, and layer 4 data encryption in one fully integrated product. It keeps customers connected and protected, making their data entirely worthless to cyber-criminals. OMNIA empowers everyone from sole traders and SMEs to enterprises and corporates to have protection at governmental and security forces levels at a breakthrough price and PAYG, OPEX and CAPEX payment options.

According to Anthony Senter, CEO, OMNIA has been designed as a total solution that addresses the needs of every modern business. Affordably priced and with payment options including PAYG, OPEX & CAPEX, means even sole traders and SMEs can now afford world-class network, security and data assurance technologies.

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IEC Telecom unveils new maritime LEO-based solution in the Philippines

20 June 2023

Low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites are transforming maritime communications and the Asia Pacific region is set to benefit, says IEC Telecom.

IEC Telecom will showcase the benefits of LEO connectivity to the Philippine maritime sector when it takes part in this week’s PhilMarine show. PhilMarine gathers key national stakeholders and international specialists to exchange ideas, develop partnerships and draw a roadmap towards achieving the nation’s 2028 transport vision, the Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP).

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Unifying LiFi with QKD

19 June 2023

Quantum technology opens up many new areas of application, however, it also harbours risks. Due to their enormous computing power, quantum computers could undermine even the most modern encryption methods.

In addition to today’s quantum computers, quantum imaging and quantum clocks, developments are focusing primarily on quantum communication and quantum encryption for secure and private data communication.

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Two new CPE devices deliver multi-gigabit connectivity

19 June 2023

Broadband network operators can ensure a seamless smart home and business experience for users thanks to the release of two new multi-gigabit Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) devices.

The Iskratel Innbox X24 can operate as a bridge or router, offering a dual-box FTTH setup in both single or multi-operator deployments. In addition to a gigabit Ethernet LAN port, the Iskratel Innbox X24 has a 10Gbps LAN port which supports multi-gigabit speeds of 2.5, 5, and 10Gbps and provides an enhanced user experience. The device has an integrated fibre-termination unit (FTU), simplifying deployment and reducing operational expenditure.

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