Ensuring a broad and cost-efficient market for critical broadband devices

23 November 2023

As critical communications organisations and users move to mobile broadband networks and services, increasing numbers of new devices and associated mission critical applications are expected to become available. These will significantly enhance the capabilities and productivity of first responders. However, the mission critical broadband ecosystem is much more complex than the existing narrowband market. A new white paper from TCCA highlights the key considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure a successful long-term cost-effective solution deployment with specific mission critical-supporting functionality.

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New whitepaper indicates dynamic spectrum management is the key to boosting global wireless connectivity

06 October 2023

Utilizing Dynamic Spectrum Management Systems (DSMS) will bolster the wireless connectivity available to critical industries while protecting incumbent users in shared spectrum bands, according to a new whitepaper developed in collaboration between the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) and the Wireless Future Project.

As demand for wireless connectivity continues to surge, the use of databases and automated spectrum management systems to coordinate efficient spectrum sharing has emerged as a critical regulatory tool. A significant number of countries have now authorized DSMS to manage frequency access in shared bands and protect incumbent operations – including military and public safety systems – from harmful interference. The ‘Solving the Spectrum Crunch’ whitepaper, authored by Wireless Future Program Director Michael Calabrese as part of the Digital Access Programme (DAP) funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office of the UK (FCDO), highlights the major benefits and capabilities afforded through DSMS technology to regulators, while considering future advancements in this field.

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Connection is the lifeline – new TCCA white paper raises concerns around mission critical user access to commercial networks

05 October 2023

For critical communications users on the front line, connection is the lifeline – immediate availability of network services is crucial. In Europe, it is expected that most operators of broadband networks for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) will cooperate with commercial network operators (MNOs) to provide either full or partial PPDR services.

However, to date only a few countries have adopted a legislative/regulatory solution that takes into account the needs of PPDR users if their mission critical services are reliant on the availability of MNO networks. A new white paper from TCCA’s Legal and Regulatory Working Group looks at how European regulation on net neutrality may affect public safety operators that utilise radio coverage from commercial MNOs.

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Ground broken for CGK3A DC in TB Simatupang

17 April 2023

BDx Indonesia recently held the ground-breaking ceremony for its greenfield data centre, CGK3A, in TB Simatupang, South Jakarta.

The US$150 million 15MW data centre was built with the objective of providing global and leading data centre services for companies and hyperscalers in Indonesia.

The development of CGK3A is motivated by the growth of Indonesia's digital economy, which was valued at US$77 billion by the end of 2022 and is predicted to grow to US$130 billion by 2025. The CGK3A will answer the need for a strong and competent digital infrastructure to facilitate this massive growth. The data centre's addition into BDx data centre portfolio in Indonesia is also part of the company's plan to provide 70MW data centre capacity by the end of 2023.

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