Malaysia sees enhanced public safety with TETRA upgrade

04 January 2024

GIRN (Government Integrated Radio Network), the national TETRA network that ensures public safety in Malaysia, covers capital city Kuala Lumpur, its metropolitan area, and the nearby regions. More than 7 million people are covered by GRIN, and 14 public safety agencies make use of the network.

Sapura is the concessionaire of the network, managing and operating the infrastructure. The company decided to enlarge the existing system by adding another, taking advantage of the latest standards and enhancements in TETRA technology to provide improved service as well as greater coverage. Sapura identified Teltronic’s NEBULA TETRA system as the best solution for deploying a new, cutting-edge infrastructure with the latest and most advanced functionalities.

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Turbo-charging communications restoration post-typhoon

05 December 2023

Massive devastation caused by a life-threatening super-typhoon bringing torrential rains, flooding, landslides, and 160mph winds included severe physical damage to Globe’s charging site in Vizmin, resulting in 23 million people being suddenly cut off from communications.

Repairing the site would take months to complete. However, Globe and Amdocs managed to successfully restore essential mobile and data services in under eight hours, giving back critical connectivity at a time when it was needed the most.

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Bharti Airtel implements largescale VoLTE for disaster recovery

05 December 2023

Bharti Airtel, which offers mobile, wireless, fixed line and high-speed broadband to consumers and businesses throughout India, has one of the world’s largest voice over LTE (VoLTE) services in the world.

Dedicated to providing a world-class experience, Bharti Airtel turned to Nokia to help ensure a seamless and uninterrupted service experience for its customers.

A unique solution

Nokia Core Networks Global Services was able to implement the largest VoLTE geo-redundancy disaster recovery solution rapidly and cost-efficiently for the 155 million subscribers of Bharti Airtel in India.

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Agro Farm digitises durian production with Seeed’s IIoT solution

09 October 2023

MIE Agro Farm Sdn Bhd aims to create well-established IIoT solutions for smart farming and automated farm management, embracing the fourth industrial revolution. Since its foundation, Agro Farm has been actively investing in durian cultivation, and recently successfully established a 200-acre durian plantation in Selangor Fruits Valley, Rawang Town in Selangor State at the end of 2018. Some 6,000 durian trees of large-scale durian varieties were planted, including Musang King, Blackthorn, and IOI.

Committed to developing a sustainable and ecologically conscious value chain of durian business, Agro Farm targets continuous learning of transparent management systems, ranging from paying attention to durian samples and the growth path of durian to monitoring irrigation patterns, pest control, processing, and export.

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