PLDT: No fraudulent capex spending

31 March 2023

PLDT has stated that there was no fraudulent activity in relation to its PHP48 billion capex overspending last year, but profit fell in its full 2022 financial year due to the overrun.

The operator said in a stock exchange filing that it had completed a forensic review of the elevated capex spend in December. It was conducted by an external party, focusing on the financial year between 2019-20.

PLDT stated that it found: “no evidence of fraud, intentional concealment, or bad faith conduct on the part of any employee of the company and no basis to restate the company’s historical financial statements.”

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Whale Cloud and SDEC join forces on digital transformation

31 March 2023

Whale Cloud has signed a three-year BSS contract with Malaysia’s Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation (SDEC), a government-owned company entrusted to lead the implementation of Sarawak's Digital Economy initiatives.

The deal is aimed at accelerating the digital transformation of Sarawak, diversifying the telecommunication services available to the public. Sarawak’s Government aims to turn the state into a modern and leading digital economy and society by 2030 under the Digital Economy Strategy.

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Thailand’s smartphone market nosedives

27 March 2023

The Thai smartphone market declined by 21% at the end of 2022 with 16.6 million devices shipped in the whole year, due to macroeconomic pressures and the lack of government stimulus packages.

IDC stated the Thai government had in previous years launched such campaigns which had increased smartphone adoption in previous years. Steep declines were particularly seen in entry-level devices (under US$200) which shrank to 59% of the market from 64% a year ago. The average selling price (ASP) of entry devices increased by 15% to US$329.

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Cataleya to protect customers from voice and SMS fraud

24 March 2023

XConnect has partnered with Cataleya to protect its customers from voice and SMS fraud. It will deploy XConnect’s global number intelligence data to proactively block invalid and fraudulent numbers with precision and support the telecom industry’s fight against fraud.

XConnect’s Global Number Range and Number Portability data will be deployed in Cataleya’s Session Border Controller and SMS Platform to improve accuracy and efficiency for its enterprise and wholesale customers. By deploying XConnect’s data, Cataleya strengthens its service offerings to protect its customers. It gains greater visibility and control by establishing whether a number is valid, in a live range, whether it has been ported and whether it is allocated to a provider.

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