AI comes to wireless comms

06 December 2023

2023 is the year of artificial intelligence (AI). With generative AI coming into its own among consumer, enterprise and government spheres, AI is inching its way into every industry on the planet – and mobile is not immune.

One way that wireless performance is optimised is by providing accurate channel state information (CSI), which is used in real-time throughout a wireless system to adapt transmissions as best as possible to current channel conditions with the goal of maintaining the best performance. This is a crucial component to achieving reliable communications with high data rates and multi-antenna systems.

Traditionally, calculating and reporting accurate CSI is computationally and resource intensive making it a good candidate to begin integrating AI and ML into the network. Accordingly, wireless researchers at University of Malaga (UMA) – in partnership with Keysight - developed an AI / ML model for CSI feedback enhancement for 6G systems.

Keysight developed a digital twin platform to emulate the performance of ML models in real world conditions. Building an interface layer that connected to Keysight’s PathWave System Design (SystemVue) modelling tool, UMA researchers were able to evaluate the model under a wide array of fading profiles and other test conditions to prove this method outperforms traditional approaches.

The interface allows any AI/ML algorithm that adheres to the most common AI/ML APIs and frameworks can now be imported into Keysight’s SystemVue and used by the entire industry.

To assist in this process, Keysight and UMA are working together to bring this to the 3GPP RAN-1 standards body for Release 18.