E-band radio delivers premium coverage in dense and rural environments

19 June 2023

Nokia has released UBT-m XP, the latest addition to its Wavence product family designed to support mobile operators and enterprises with premium coverage in both dense urban and rural environments.

Nokia’s newest E-band radio is a high-capacity outdoor unit with a small, light form factor and the highest transmit power available on the market, ideal for urban microwave transport applications. It is joined in an industry first by the launch of the Nokia SteadEband, a stabilized three-foot antenna that combats common E-band issues, which include tower vibrations and movements due to thermal effects. Combined with the UBT-m XP, it can increase the typical E-band link distance by up to 50%, helping MNOs deliver multi-gigabit 5G connectivity to their customers.

The UBT-m XP is a single ultra-broadband transceiver with an integrated modem and diplexer, offering best-in-class energy efficiency with twice the transmit power compared to the industry average. In recent tests, Nokia demonstrated a 12km-long link using the Nokia UBT-m XP and the SteadEband antenna.

Combining two UBT-m XP units with XPIC will allow operators to reduce spectrum fees, because of frequency re-usage and to go up to 20Gbps with 2000MHz channel spectrum. Additionally, XPIC 2+0 solution can be used to extend the link hop compared to a 1+0 solution, for a given capacity.

Combined with Nokia UBT-S and UBT-T radios and a multiband antenna, using Layer-1 Carrier Aggregation, the UBT-m, UBT-mX or UBT-m XP enables the combination of E-band carrier with any additional microwave, achieving a compact, three-carrier solution (single-carrier E-band and two-carriers microwave), either in split-mount (combined with MSS-8 or MSS-HE) or all-outdoor.