Realm Enablement Suite accelerates new IoT solutions to market

05 December 2022

Globalstar’s Real Enablement Suite is an innovative portfolio of satellite asset tracking hardware and software solutions, featuring a powerful application enablement platform for processing smart data at the edge.

With Realm, users can accelerate new solutions to market with AI-enabled applications that generate an advanced level of telematics data. Moreover, by defining smart data at the edge, clients only send the data they need over Globalstar’s LEO satellite network, thus significantly reducing transmission costs.

“This newest innovation from Globalstar represents a continued commitment to IoT as a core business pillar. With Realm Enablement Suite, customers have the flexibility and agility they need to optimise data from their tracking devices and edge sensors,” said Dave Kagan, Globalstar CEO. “Generating smart data at the edge for delivery to the customer endpoint makes all the difference in transmission efficiency and operational performance.”

The Realm Enablement Suite comprises:

Integrity 150 satellite solar-powered, long life asset tracking device. This delivers long-lasting, no-maintenance ownership for a variety of markets, including government agencies, transportation, energy, construction, agriculture and forestry. Integrated into the device is a GPS receiver, accelerometer, Arm CPU on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF5xxx SoC, standard and customizable messaging capability, tamper detection and BLE5 Bluetooth connectivity for a wide variety of sensors. Its flash memory offers 8Mb of storage for application data and firmware updates.

ST150M satellite modem module. This helps partners create new products in a fraction of normal development time and cost. The module includes a GPS receiver, accelerometer, Arm CPU on Nordic’s nRF5xxx SoC, 8MB external flash memory, integrated voltage regulator and BLE transceiver. Its low-power design enables integrators to minimise battery requirements. The ST150 Dev Kit provides an ST150M module with Arduino Uno Rev3 Form Factor and satellite and GPS patch antennas, the fastest way to develop and test technology designs before committing them to hardware.

Realm enablement application platform. This is the key to unlocking the capabilities of field devices, slashing hundreds of hours of development time for new products and AI-enabled applications at the edge. The low code edge platform provides a lower barrier of entry for partners developing custom applications and solutions. Modular software features a Unified API for fast applications development and easy management of all hardware, platform-specific, and value-added edge features. This includes the Globalstar BLE library and ela Innovation BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) sensors libraries. The platform provides an ongoing applications development ecosystem as innovative solutions are added by Globalstar and shared by developers.

“The end-to-end design of the new Globalstar Realm Enablement Suite ecosystem removes the technology barriers to profitable innovation in the tracking and industrial IoT space,” said David Haight, Globalstar’s VP of IoT. “Realm delivers greater speed and lower cost in both development and deployment by providing the flexibility to innovate with the power to host applications and process data on edge devices for faster action and enhanced performance. The Realm Enablement Suite is what our partners around the world have asked us for.”