DoT calls for quantum communications R&D

10 July 2024

India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has called on the telecoms sector to submit proposals for an R&D programme to accelerate quantum communications networks.

The DoT plans to establish Quantum Standardization and Testing Labs that will serve as innovation hubs for quantum technology developers, test equipment manufacturers, and academic researchers. The DoT has invited operators to submit applications to participate in these labs.

According to the IEEE Communications Society, quantum phenomena such as superposition and entanglement has the potential to make data networks more reliable, energy-efficient and secure, while a quantum-powered internet could enable powerful new applications in fields like distributed computing and metrology.

The standardisation process could include establishing benchmarks and protocols essential for integration of quantum communication elements such as quantum key distribution, quantum state analysers, optical fibres, and components into existing and future communication networks.

“The main objective is to accelerate research and development in quantum technologies, ensuring the interoperability, reliability, and security of quantum communication systems,” said the DoT in a release.