APJII signs MoU with Starlink for Indonesia

01 May 2024

The Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) has signed an MoU with SpaceX’s Starlink to provide internet access in Indonesia, although the operators continues to wait for final regulatory approval to operate in the country.

APJII chairman Muhammad Arif said that Starlink will focus on rural areas, especially in the underdeveloped, frontmost and outermost regions of the archipelago. According to APJII, the latest statistics show that 79.5% of the Indonesian population is connected to the internet. In urban areas, internet penetration stands at 82.2%, while rural penetration is at 74%. However, rural internet users only contributes 30.5% of total internet usage.

Arif said that integrating Starlink services with existing infrastructure will enable local ISPs to expand their reach, while Starlink can use terrestrial infrastructure to reach more users across Indonesia.

“With Starlink connected to IIX, we look forward to accelerating local internet access and increasing the overall quality of service for internet users in the archipelago,” said Arif.