Viettel opens new DC in Hanoi

22 April 2024

Viettel has opened a data centre in Hoa Lac Tech Park, Hanoi, Vietnam, which boasts more than 2,400 racks across 21,000 sqm of floor space, with a total capacity of 30MW.

The data centre is designed with high capacity to meet rising AI demands and is claimed to be the largest in Vietnam. It is also the first data centre in Vietnam committed to using renewable energy for 30% of its electricity consumption.

"Viettel will not stop investing in data centres. According to the roadmap, by 2025, Viettel will invest in and expand its scale to 17,000 racks. By 2030, Viettel will increase its scale to 34,000 racks," said Viettel in a statement.

The company plans to develop at least three more data centres in the next two years with a design capacity of 240KW, which is 8 times larger than today. Currently, Viettel offers a combined 11,500 racks and more than 87MW of power supply with the opening of the 14th data centre.