Globe Telecom expands 5G to 41 more sites in 2023

09 April 2024

Globe Telecom expanded its 5G footprint by installing 41 more 5G sites across Visayas and Mindanao in 2023.

27 sites were deployed in Visayas and 14 new ones in Mindanao last year. In 2023, the company attained 92.36% outdoor coverage in key Visayas and Mindanao cities and 97.90% in the National Capital Region, facilitating over 5.8 million devices connecting to Globe's 5G network in December alone.

Globe also expanded connectivity across Mindanao with 276 new site builds and 2,509 upgrades to 4G LTE throughout 2023. The company also reported that 91% of its US$1.3 billion capital expenditure in 2023 was used to enhance its data infrastructure. Globe has also advanced its network capacity, commissioned 1,217 new sites and upgraded 8,226 existing infrastructure to 4G LTE.

Overall, Globe reported in mid-March that it has expanded its 5G footprint across the Philippines with 894 new sites as of the end of last year. Additionally, it has expanded its 5G roaming partnerships, now encompassing 156 global partners across 82 destinations.