Indus Towers launches R&D lab for green energy

26 February 2024

Indus Towers has recently launched Research and Development Laboratories, focusing on green hydrogen and battery management system with solar integration, at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras Campus, as part of its CSR engagement program.

Indus Towers said the objective is to create a solar-powered hydrogen generation system, utilizing fuel cells to power the load. The green hydrogen microgrid showcases 100% green hydrogen production through monocrystalline solar panels, alkaline/PEM electrolyzers, and PEM fuel cells. Meanwhile, the battery engineering lab, with the development of a battery management system (BMS), ensures safe and reliable battery performance in diverse applications.

This project reflects accurate state estimations for the battery pack, lifespan prediction, and effective thermal control, catering to the widespread use of rechargeable Li-ion batteries across industries.

"Indus Towers' Corporate Social Responsibility is focused to maximize the ratio of renewable energy mix over fossil fuels. We are committed to supporting R&D towards newer sources of energy under our Flagship CSR Program – Pragati,” said Manoj Kumar Singh, chief regulatory officer and CSR at Indus Towers.