Grameenphone opens ‘super core’ DC

14 February 2024

Grameenphone has opened its first 'Super Core' data centre in the Bangladeshi division of Sylhet.

Grameenphone has worked with ZTE since January 2023 to build the 4MW data centre, which is claimed to be the largest compared to rivals in the country.

Grameenphone stated subscribers should see higher data speeds and improved quality of services.

“This accomplishment lays another cornerstone for a digitally advanced smart Bangladesh,” said Grameenphone CEO Yasir Azman. “This facility not only confirms our pledge to lead the way in technological innovations but also demonstrates our devotion to putting our customers first in every aspect of our work, guaranteeing a future of technological progress and reliability in delivering superior customer experience. I also want to express my gratitude to our partner ZTE for constructing this cutting-edge, environment friendly infrastructure.”

“It will also be the first private sector Telco Data Center in Bangladesh to meet the Uptime Tier-III standard. It follows the principles of saving energy and reducing emissions, and it has a smart energy management system that makes it efficient and eco-friendly,” said Ma Liang, MD of engineering service of ZTE Bangladesh.