CelcomDigi to transform Hulu Kelang into a smart city

13 February 2024

CelcomDigi has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) to accelerate the transformation of Hulu Kelang into a smart city.

Under the MoU, CelcomDigi and MPAJ will collaborate over the next ten years to explore and implement potential 5G technology solutions delivered on a fibre optic infrastructure to form the foundation for a smart city ecosystem in Hulu Kelang.

CelcomDigi will oversee the coordination and implementation of smart city-related solutions. The telco will also develop an ecosystem of partners – including innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, technology providers and device manufacturers – to develop smart city solutions. CelcomDigi said will also spearhead a sandbox for partners to test their products and services in a live environment.

“CelcomDigi and MPAJ are working closely to assess and identify the best smart city solutions that will transform Hulu Kelang into an integrated digital district, creating a modern and sustainable environment that both promotes economic growth and improves the welfare of its residents,” said CelcomDigi CEO Idham Nawawi.

The partnership with CelcomDigi was formed to help carry out MPAJ’s ‘Smart City Framework’ plan, which it formulated in January 2022 to transform all Ampang Jaya into a smart city, with a focus on ‘smart infrastructure, smart economy, smart community, smart environment, and smart governance.’

MPAJ has already deployed several smart-city solutions in several locations across its administrative area, such as CCTV, WiFi and Smart Junction solutions.

Selangor Chief Minister Seri Amirudin said the project is in line with the state government's plan to transform Selangor into a ‘Smart State’ by 2025.

“We aim to leverage the best of local and global technology partnerships to develop this ecosystem, which hopefully can serve as a model to benefit other municipalities, with the net effect of having an interoperable network of smart city solutions in more areas across the country,” said CelcomDigi’s Nawawi.