DoT finalises private 5G network rules

11 January 2024

India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has finalised rules that will allow telcos to lease spectrum to enterprises for private 5G networks and will be releasing them soon.

The rules will allow any entity with a private network to obtain spectrum from one or more telcos on terms tailored to their requirements.

Once a telco signs a spectrum leasing deal with a private network owner, it will have 15 days to inform the DoT about the details such as which spectrum will be leased, how much spectrum, the lease period and the geographic area.

Private network operators will need to obtain clearance from the Standing Advisory Committee On Frequency Allocation (SACFA) before starting operations. It will also be up to both parties to ensure the private network using the spectrum doesn’t interfere with public networks.

The new rules are expected to provide Indian telcos with a long-awaited new revenue stream from 5G.