Globel Telecom targets network energy efficiency

20 November 2023

Globe Telecom has chosen Nokia's AVA Energy Efficiency Software to be delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to cut network power consumption and costs.

The significance of network energy consumption is growing as providers intensify efforts to align network efficiency with environmental objectives.

The Energy SaaS leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms which will automatically deactivate idle and unused equipment during periods of low usage. The solution is anticipated to provide operational and cost benefits while ensuring network quality.

In a proof of concept that integrated AVA Energy Efficiency Software with the power-saving feature of the Radio Access Network (RAN), Globe achieved an equivalent annual power savings of 3-6%.

"Efficient energy consumption is a strategic imperative for our network decarbonization initiatives and net-zero targets. Deploying this solution will help reduce power costs with no impact on customer experience," said Globe Telecom in a statement.

By deploying this Energy Solution in a SaaS model, Globe can access the solution on demand through a subscription-based model. This offers faster service delivery and time-to-value, eliminating significant upfront capital expenses and avoiding the need for on-site software maintenance and updates, the official release said.