Axis launches innovative mobile packages for social media users

10 November 2023

XL Axiata’s youth brand Axis has launched a set of package plans for social media users based on usage time, not data consumption.

The ‘Teng-Go’ package gives customers ‘play and pause’ features for four social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube. Users press ‘play’ to use the internet, and ‘pause’ to stop using it.

“In this package, what customers buy is time, not quota. As a youth brand, we understand that at certain times they will not access social media, such as during school or college,” said XL Axiata CMO Alfons Bosch Sansa. “The play and pause feature in the Teng-Go package gives them the freedom of access to set the time when they want to use social media.”

The average Axis customer spends three to four hours per day accessing these four applications. According to consultancy Oosga, WhatsApp is the most popular social media platform in Indonesia, with Instagram, Facebook and TikTok not far behind.

A study from Meltwater and WeAreSocial says TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform in the country, in part due to its online shopping service TikTok Shop. However, last month TikTok Shop was forced to close in Indonesia after the government announced new rules that prohibit social media platforms from offering e-commerce services within the platforms. The regular TikTok platform is still available, but TikTok would need to set up TikTok Shop as a separate app to bring the service back to Indonesia.