Thaicom orders in-orbit configurable satellite

18 September 2023

Thaicom has selected Airbus to build its new generation software-defined high-throughput satellite (HTS) at 119.5 degrees east.

Airbus will provide one of its latest designed satellites, a fully reconfigurable OneSat which can adjust coverage area, capacity and frequency ‘on the fly’ to respond to future challenges by enabling the adoption of new technologies while the satellite is in orbit.

The satellite will provide extended connectivity in Ku-band over the Asia-Pacific region for Thaicom’s customers and partners across the area. Airbus plans to deliver the satellite in 2027.

“It will allow flexibility and instant reconfiguration to adapt dynamically to the service areas and will provide a significant confidence boost for Thaicom’s valued customers and partners throughout Asia-Pacific,” said Patompob (Nile) Suwansiri, Thaicom’s chief executive officer.