mu Space to provide OneWeb coverage over southeast Asia

22 March 2023

mu Space and Advanced Technology has reached an exclusive deal with OneWeb to provide LEO connectivity solutions across mainland southeast Asia.

The multi-million-dollar deal aims to provide internet connectivity to underserved remote areas. The company intends to provide satellite internet connectivity to remote areas for both commercial and civil governmental use. The areas targeted this year include Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

Being the sole distributor for OneWeb in this region, mu Space will provide a wide range of services to each sector, including the government, telecommunications, aviation, maritime, land vehicle, backhauling and healthcare sectors, to support customer needs as well as connecting remote communities in the region.

The partners in this deal estimate that it could see a potential revenue of US$100 million within the first six years. After this six year-period, mu Space has the right to extend the deal. The company reports that, with latest trends suggesting that next-generation satellite launches will increase in the future, the extended deal could be worth three times the amount of the first six years.