Astro selects Airties to deliver smart Wi-Fi portfolio across Malaysia

17 March 2023

Malaysian content and entertainment company Astro has chosen Airties to deliver a portfolio of smart Wi-Fi software and services to support broadband subscribers across its fibre footprint.

Serving 5.6 million homes, or 72% of Malaysian TV households, Astro offers content bundles and a standalone fibre broadband service as an internet service provider, with speeds of up to 800Mbps and the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Astro has deployed Airties' Smart Wi-Fi SaaS offering, which includes Airties Edge smart Wi-Fi software for gateways; Airties Cloud, a cloud-based SaaS management platform; and a customized version of Airties' companion Vision app, called the Astro Fibre App.

Airties' hybrid cloud-edge architecture leverages both the embedded intelligence in customer premises equipment and the cloud to maximize responsiveness and performance. Airties Edge, smart Wi-Fi software for gateways/routers, intelligently directs consumers' devices to the best available Wi-Fi access point and frequency band based on real-time network conditions.

The software enables existing home gateways/modems to double as an intelligent Wi-Fi mesh access point, improving the quality and stability of connectivity within the home. It also includes Airties' Wi-Fi EasyMesh software controller, which provides interoperability for use with third-party mesh extenders.

Airties Cloud orchestrates Wi-Fi across homes, optimizing operator gateways and extenders in real time to ensure a better quality of experience for consumers, while providing insights on connected devices. It also allows operators to address evolving consumer needs, such as cybersecurity, through a suite of digital services.

Airties Vision is a customizable companion app that provides an intuitive tool to allow consumers to easily visualize and manage their home connectivity, control who has access to the network via parental and guest controls and provide step-by-step guidance to onboard new mesh extenders.