Telekom Malaysia to develop hybrid cloud 5G core network

16 March 2023

Telekom Malaysia has signed a three-year partnership with ZTE’s local unit to form a hybrid cloud 5G core network, to boost the country’s digital infrastructure and address rising demands for next-generation technologies.

The collaboration will advance 5G in Malaysia, tipping the hybrid cloud 5G core network to revolutionise the country’s telecoms industry. Among the benefits, the network will support a range of technologies from Telekom Malaysia, including SDN-based architecture and hardware acceleration, along with enabling it to employ bare metal containers.

The operator will also be able to strengthen capabilities in providing connectivity services to a wide range of industries, smart city projects and the IoT. A hybrid cloud 5G network will transform and revolutionise the way data will be processed and transmitted.

ZTE said that the development of the network “will address the rising need for network bandwidth and speed,” as 5G adoption in Malaysia accelerates.