Indonesian smartphone shipments in decline

16 November 2022

Indonesian smartphone shipments were affected by rising costs in the third quarter of the year according to IDC, which has predicted ongoing pressure and a decline in full-year numbers.

Low-tier smartphones took the brunt of the hit, with overall shipments down 12.4% to 8.1 million units. The share of devices priced between US$100-200 dropped to 75% of the total from 81% in the third quarter, with mid-range models priced between US$200-400 stable.

Vanessa Aurelia, associate market analyst at IDC Indonesia, pointed to “significant strengthening” in shipments of models priced at more than US$400 “as demand there stayed relatively inelastic” compared with lower tiers. IDC noted consumer purchasing power and overall demand was impacted by higher inflation and volatile exchange rates.