Kacific wins major service awards

07 October 2022

Kacific Broadband Satellites Group has been named as Most Accessible and Affordable Broadband Services Provider Singapore, as well as Best Broadband Satellite Operator Singapore 2022, at this year’s World Business Outlook Awards.

Kacific has brought efficient and fast broadband to hard-to-reach communities and has been recognised for its success in delivering affordable, accessible, high-quality services and infrastructure throughout the Asia Pacific region. Through local partnerships, Kacific has connected more than 1,900 education institutions and more than 260 medical centres, as well as a large number of business, government and residential sites.

One of Kacific’s most lauded services is the delivery of broadband via small, lightweight and easy-to-install VSAT terminals, which has helped eliminate the heavy investments required with alternative systems, making it easier for smaller ISPs and entrepreneurs to gain access to their local market.

“We are honoured to win two awards at the World Business Outlook Awards,” said Christian Patouraux, CEO and founder, Kacific. “This is a great source of motivation for us to continue expanding our reach across the globe, connecting more unserved and underserved communities with our latest broadband technology. By focusing on accessibility, affordability and local support, Kacific will continue to bridge the digital divide, ensuring no one is left behind in the digital age.”