SKY Perfect JSAT utilises Satmotion from INTEGRASYS for Indonesian VSAT client

07 October 2022

SKY Perfect JSAT has opted to use INTEGRASYS’ Satmotion auto commissioning tool to complete cross polarisation isolation (CPI) tests for a VSAT network customer of JSAT in Indonesia. The customer, Lintasarta, focuses on connectivity for banking and financial institutions.

The Satmotion tool will ensure that the customer can use its satellite network in the most optimised way, while also complying with the service level agreement (SLA). For JSAT, Satmotion reduces workload for the company and its customer.

Satmotion works by simplifying the Lineup process as much as possible, ensuring that each transmission is free of interference, by measuring Copol and Xpol, and feeding back to the customer via a simple interface. INTEGRASYS has worked with the technical team to adapt the Satmotion tool for its specific requirements.

“By using Satmotion, it is possible to perform CPI test by our customer alone. Usually, CPI test is conducted through direct communication with operators by phone or chat,” said Tomoaki Fujihara, network operations division, SKY Perfect JSAT. “For customers who own many VSAT, CPI test is performed frequently. And if operators are busy, they may keep customers waiting. Therefore, by using Satmotion, the customer conducts CPI test themselves, which allows the customer to test at any time they want and reduces our operator’s workload.’’