FWA market: CPE shipments more than doubled to 7.4 million

12 September 2023

The GSA 4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access Forum today released the findings of its annual Fixed Wireless Access CPE market survey, revealing that 5G FWA CPE shipments more than doubled in 2022 to 7.4 million and are forecast to increase again to 13.8 million during the current year. This represents more than 40% of all shipments by the vendors surveyed, compared to just 29% of shipments in 2022.

GSA has identified announced service offers for FWA using LTE or 5G from 535 operators in 186 countries and territories and launched services from 455 operators in 173 countries and territories worldwide. The findings of the 2023 CPE vendor survey confirm that this operator momentum behind FWA services is reflected in growing device shipments. As the industry scales, prices for 5G CPE devices are forecast to reach parity with those of 4G CPE by 2025, aligning with the growth in operators marketing residential or business 5G FWA broadband services as part of their 5G offering.

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ZTE and AIS partner for world-first dynamic RIS trial

06 September 2023

ZTE has partnered with AIS on the world’s first dynamic RIS (Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface) trial in an mmWave network at the AZ centre in Bangkok.

RIS is an innovative multi-antenna technology that utilises electromagnetic metamaterials. It enables the extension of base station coverage by intelligently reflecting or transmitting base station signals, resulting in improved coverage at a low cost and with low carbon emissions. By incorporating dynamic functionality, ZTE’s RIS technology achieves beam sweeping and user tracking, effectively enhancing the coverage range of base stations and ensuring an optimal user experience even when the user is on the move.

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69 underground DMRC metro stations to gain 5G

29 August 2023

According to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), 69 underground metro stations in India’s capital territory will soon be served by 5G; 29 underground stations have been successfully upgraded to 5G and infrastructure work is in progress at the remaining 40 underground stations, including associated tunnels.

The underground network so far covers just over 100km out of the total DMRC network of slightly more than 390km. According to local media, there’s already 4G across the network but 5G services will mean uninterrupted high-quality streaming and seamless connectivity for passengers.

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National Telecom invests in FWA and private 5G

22 August 2023

National Telecom (NT) has gained approval from its board to invest THB800 million to build its network to tap into spectrum in the 26GHz band, to provide FWA services and connect enterprises to private 5G networks.

The operator is expecting the project to be completed by March 2024. This is a first phase of a THB6.7 billion budget the Thai government approved for NT’s business development utilising mmWave spectrum, the company licensed spectrum in the 26GHz band for the next 14 years.

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