Cataleya to protect customers from voice and SMS fraud

24 March 2023

XConnect has partnered with Cataleya to protect its customers from voice and SMS fraud. It will deploy XConnect’s global number intelligence data to proactively block invalid and fraudulent numbers with precision and support the telecom industry’s fight against fraud.

XConnect’s Global Number Range and Number Portability data will be deployed in Cataleya’s Session Border Controller and SMS Platform to improve accuracy and efficiency for its enterprise and wholesale customers. By deploying XConnect’s data, Cataleya strengthens its service offerings to protect its customers. It gains greater visibility and control by establishing whether a number is valid, in a live range, whether it has been ported and whether it is allocated to a provider.

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Conversational experiences trending for consumers

20 March 2023

New research from Infobip reveals the growing trend towards conversational experiences for customer communications.

The data, from 449 billion communications interactions on Infobip’s platform across 2022, shows the rapid growth of interactions on chat apps such as WhatsApp Business Platform and social media channels such as Instagram for many customer needs.

Customers have access to more channels and devices than ever before. Infobip’s analysis shows that traditional channels like SMS still play an important role for time-sensitive messages, two-factor authentication, and one-time passwords. But when it comes to engagement and support, customers are shifting to more conversational experiences over chat apps.

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Infobip: chat apps crucial for customer communications

16 January 2023

Chat apps crucial for customer communications

Chat apps crucial for customer communications

New research from Infobip reveals that chat apps such as WhatsApp are becoming crucial channels for customer communications, demonstrating the growing importance of conversational experiences.

Infobip’s data shows an 80% and 62% increase in WhatsApp and rich communication services (RCS) interactions respectively in the first half of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021.

Customers now have access to more channels and devices than ever before. Whether for marketing, support, or sales, they increasingly want conversational experiences with a business or brand on their preferred channel. But organizations may struggle to keep up with such preferences and provide the experience customers have come to expect without the right omnichannel communications in place.

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Adding value in Southern Asia

05 December 2022

Value added services have changed the world, offering a wealth of game-changing services for enterprises and consumers alike. Uptake skyrocketed during the pandemic; however, challenges remain in adoption and monetisation across Southern Asia, says Amy Saunders

Profitability in core mobile voice services is falling globally, with prices approaching commodity levels.

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