HGC launches new ISP in Manila

29 March 2023

From left to right: Onno Bos (AMS-IX), Ruben van den Brink (AMS-IX), Cliff Tan (HGC), Michael de Castro (HGC)

From left to right: Onno Bos (AMS-IX), Ruben van den Brink (AMS-IX), Cliff Tan (HGC), Michael de Castro (HGC)

HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC) has announced the launch of a new Internet Exchange in Manila, the Philippines.

The new Internet Exchange was officially announced and celebrated during the 10th anniversary festivities of AMS-IX Hong Kong, in the presence of the consul general of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hong Kong and Macao and representative from the office of the communications authority.

The strategic partnership between HGC and AMS-IX aims to enhance the quality of internet all over the world. AMS-IX is one of the world’s largest peering hubs. Their peering expertise complements HGC’s extensive global network and digital infrastructure, which results in a partnership that can bridge the West and the East. Over the years, HGC and AMS-IX have successfully launched and fostered four IX’s in Hong Kong, Singapore, Chicago, and Bay Area, with AMS-IX Bangkok to go live later this year.

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Global IoT connections via eSIM to hit 195 million by 2026

14 March 2023

A new study from Juniper Research has found that the global number of IoT connections using eSIM technology will reach 195 million by 2026, from just 22 million in 2023. It identified the growing adoption of the variant ‘eIM’ (eSIM IoT Manager) amongst the eSIM platforms that will drive growth over the next three years.

eIM is a standardised eSIM provisioning tool allowing large-scale deployment and management of eSIM-enabled IoT devices. eIM is defined in SGP.31 by the GSMA and standardises the process for the mass deployment of eSIM-enabled IoT devices.

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Private networks grew 62% yoy in 2022

22 February 2023

Private mobile networks had another year of thriving growth in 2022, with global deployments growing 62% year-on-year and generating $2.7 billion in revenue, according to CCS Insight's latest Spotlight report.

"Private mobile networks are a red-hot topic, and the technology is taking a meaningful foothold in the market for wireless connectivity,” said Richard Webb, director of infrastructure at CCS Insight. “There are a growing number of deployment options available to enterprises in different industries and sizes, fuelling growth. In addition to many new customers adopting their first private networks, more companies are rolling out networks throughout multiple sites following successful trials. Our research shows there are an average of 2.1 private mobile networks per customer, excluding larger nationwide deployments."

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Cenmetrix and Sadaharitha Plantations partner for RFID solution

15 December 2022

Cenmetrix has partnered with Sadaharitha Plantations, to deliver a first of a kind in Sri Lanka, RFIDs to track the life cycle of a tree in their plantations.

In large areas such as plantations, like in any industry, RFID technology can be effectively used to track and manage assets and inventory. With this solution, all historical data is tracked, so everyone with access to the tree tracking system can see dates and times of the activities involved in the plantation process.

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