Satcoms – what’s hot in southern Asia?

10 April 2024

Satellite has long been a staple technology for southern Asia’s wireless communications – but how is that evolving amidst new applications and next generation mobile standards?

Southern Asia is a broad territory comprising topologies of all kinds spread across tens of unique nations. From the economically developed Singapore to the many less developed countries, the range in technological maturity is extremely wide.

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Telkomsel inaugurates 5G Smart Warehouse in West Java

05 April 2024

Telkomsel has inaugurated a 5G Smart Warehouse and 5G Innovation Center in Bekasi Regency, West Java, in collaboration with Huawei, which the company claims is the first in Indonesia.

The facility showcases the potential of 5G technology to transform warehouse management, boosting operational efficiency, and creating new opportunities for the logistics industry.

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Microsoft pledges to train 100,000 Philippine women in AI

05 April 2024

Microsoft has said that it will train 100,000 Philippine women in artificial intelligence (AI) technology and cybersecurity.

The women will use an online platform to learn how to use Microsoft’s AI tools, including those powered by OpenAI’s large language models, to gain workplace skills and to be able to recognise cybersecurity threats. Microsoft will partner with government agencies and local schools to provide the training to government employees.

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Telkom Indonesia to strengthen country’s agriculture market

04 April 2024

Telkom Indonesia is collaborating with Scala Japan to develop digital innovations and utilise Telkom’s digital agriculture platform to strengthen Indonesia’s agricultural ecosystem and food sustainability.

The partnership aims to tackle various challenges in the agricultural sector, to include food security. Indonesia’s potential in the agricultural sector is massive, but sector players have been held back by obstacles such as limited market access, lack of price and demand information, and supply chain and distribution inefficiencies.

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