Airtel launches ‘Always On’ IoT with eSIM technology

17 October 2022

Airtel has launched its ‘Always On’ IoT connectivity solution in India, comprising dual profile M2M eSim which allows an IoT device to always stay connected to a mobile network from different MNOs in the eSIM.

The ‘Always On’ solution complies with the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI)’s AIS-140 standard implemented by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).

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Singtel and Intel to launch 5G MEC incubator

10 October 2022

Singtel and Intel have agreed to collaborate to establish a 5G Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) incubator that will allow enterprises to adopt 5G seamlessly, deploy applications that need low latency processing at the edge, drive innovation and accelerate their digital transformation.

The collaboration will focus on developing the application and ecosystems to deliver transformational enterprise and consumer use cases like high-definition content delivery, video analytics, cloud gaming, virtual-augmented-mixed reality and metaverse. The incubator will be powered by Intel’s 4th Gen Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Data Center GPU, dubbed Ponte Vecchio, and supported by Singtel’s Paragon, a one-stop orchestration platform for 5G edge computing and cloud services, which will simplify the adoption of 5G services for enterprises.

Enterprises can use the incubator to deliver 5G use cases, including ready-to-deploy applications for rapid trials and proof of concepts for research and development. One of the first successful trials on the platform is a content delivery solution. Other ongoing trials include a video analytics AI solution in collaboration with Axis Communications, energy-saving technology developed by Quanta that enables a more sustainable MEC platform for enterprises, and a mixed reality usage solution for real-time workspace collaboration with HTC.

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Tata Comms launches Private 5G CoE in Pune

03 October 2022

Tata Communications has launched a dedicated Private 5G Global Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Pune, India to accelerate Industry 4.0 applications and capabilities for enterprises. The new CoE is an agile, secure, indoor facility designed to test and trial industry use cases.

Tata Communications has developed use cases across automotive, metals and mining, airports and seaports, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare sectors and will be well positioned to enable global enterprises to seamlessly progress into the hyperconnected world. 

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Building tomorrow’s smart cities in the age of 5G and IoT

14 July 2022

Prianca Ravichander, director, partnership ecosystems, Tecnotree, looks at the rise of smart cities and the role of new technologies like 5G, cloud and IoT in shaping their growth

What makes a city ‘smart’ is its ability to use interconnected information to better understand and run its operations in a more efficient way – from its transport infrastructure and accessibility systems through to the quality of government services and citizen welfare. Using a framework of information and communication technologies, the city creates and deploys practices that are able to meet urban challenges with ease.

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