Fleet Space Technologies supports Pakistan mining project

15 July 2024

Satellite networks, AI and 3D mapping are coming together to benefit gold and copper producer Barrick Gold’s copper exploration at its Reko Diq project in Pakistan.

Fleet Space Technologies, an Australian space exploration company, has announced the deployment of its end-to-end mineral exploration solution, ExoSphere, to Reko Diq.

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DoT calls for quantum communications R&D

10 July 2024

India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has called on the telecoms sector to submit proposals for an R&D programme to accelerate quantum communications networks.

The DoT plans to establish Quantum Standardization and Testing Labs that will serve as innovation hubs for quantum technology developers, test equipment manufacturers, and academic researchers. The DoT has invited operators to submit applications to participate in these labs.

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Singtel and SK Telecom to build next-gen networks

08 July 2024

Singtel and SK Telecom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to build next-generation telecommunications networks over the next two years.

The collaboration aims to explore the use of artificial intelligence (AI), orchestration tools, and deepen the domain knowledge of network virtualisation and other technologies, central to laying the groundwork for 6G.

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Telkomsel and partners to explore biometrics

02 July 2024

Telkomsel has signed a MoU with Tencent Cloud and local digital infrastructure company M Cash Integrasi to explore the adoption of palm scanning technology as a biometric tool to improve customer service.

Palm scanner biometrics identify individual customers based on unique patterns on the palm of the hand, to include fingerprints, skin patterns and vein mapping. Telkomsel sees this technology as a potential customer verification tool for Know Your Customer (KYC), which it says will make the KYC process ‘faster, more efficient, safer and more comfortable.’

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