Bharti Airtel expands Airtel Wi-Fi to 1,200 cities

16 July 2024

Bharti Airtel has welcomed users to join Airtel Wi-Fi, stating that it has worked to expand its availability to over 1,200 cities across India.

"While Airtel Wi-Fi has historically had limited availability, Airtel has worked to solve this problem, and now we have high-speed Wi-Fi available in over 1,200 cities. This means that those who were previously unable to access high-speed internet will now be able to do so," said Bharti Airtel's managing director and CEO, Gopal Vittal.

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Indus Towers invests rurally

11 July 2024

Indus Towers is driving up its investments in the rural parts of the country to bridge the digital divide that the government of India wants to achieve as early as possible.

More than 60% of Indus’ towers are installed in rural India. Additionally, all rural sites installed in Rajasthan are solar powered.

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Singtel and SK Telecom to build next-gen networks

08 July 2024

Singtel and SK Telecom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to build next-generation telecommunications networks over the next two years.

The collaboration aims to explore the use of artificial intelligence (AI), orchestration tools, and deepen the domain knowledge of network virtualisation and other technologies, central to laying the groundwork for 6G.

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NTNs – a puff of hot air?

05 July 2024

NTNs are being embraced by the wireless community as a way of provisioning reliable, universal connectivity…

Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) are gaining traction globally. The southeast Asian region, however, is experiencing significant developments and is adopting such technologies to enhance connectivity and address the challenges posed by its diverse geography.

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