Two new CPE devices deliver multi-gigabit connectivity

19 June 2023

Broadband network operators can ensure a seamless smart home and business experience for users thanks to the release of two new multi-gigabit Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) devices.

The Iskratel Innbox X24 can operate as a bridge or router, offering a dual-box FTTH setup in both single or multi-operator deployments. In addition to a gigabit Ethernet LAN port, the Iskratel Innbox X24 has a 10Gbps LAN port which supports multi-gigabit speeds of 2.5, 5, and 10Gbps and provides an enhanced user experience. The device has an integrated fibre-termination unit (FTU), simplifying deployment and reducing operational expenditure.

The Iskratel Innbox M92 functions as an agent access point, mesh controller, and can also utilise its gigabit Ethernet WAN to act as a home gateway, excelling in single-box ETTH setups and dual-box setups with FTTH or 5G FWA. While supporting 1,800Mbps cumulative WiFi data rate, Iskratel Innbox M92 delivers full gigabit throughput over dual-band WiFi 6 and two gigabit Ethernet LAN ports. The device hosts the Innbox Premium Application Suite that enhances security and privacy of users and enables operators to increase revenue.