XL Axiata and CIMB Niaga collaborate for mobile banking to deliver added vlaue

29 September 2023

PT XL Axiata Tbk and PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk have agreed to establish a strategic partnership to synergise banking and telecommunication services to provide added value for customers/consumers and support sustainable business.

Through this partnership, both companies will optimise their network and infrastructure to provide convenience and comfort for customers/consumers in conducting banking transactions and accessing digital services.

President director of CIMB Niaga Lani Darmawan said that the banking and telecommunications industries are part of the backbone of Indonesia’s economic growth. Both have an important role in the changing behaviour of people who use digital services for both communication needs and financial transactions. Therefore, the integration of CIMB Niaga and XL Axiata services is not only a driver of business growth for both companies but is also expected to make an optimal contribution to the national economy.

“We are proud that, in the month of our 68th Anniversary, CIMB Niaga as the second largest national private bank in Indonesia established a strategic partnership with XL Axiata, the leading mobile telecommunications operator in Indonesia. This collaboration between major players in the banking and telecommunications industry will certainly provide mutual benefits for both companies and their consumers. We hope that this effort can increase financial inclusion, expand digital access, and support a cashless society in Indonesia,” said Darmawan.

“XL Axiata welcomes the strategic cooperation with CIMB Niaga, this is in line with our focus to continuously improve service quality and provide more benefits to our loyal customers and the Indonesian people. With the increasing digitisation of the financial services industry, supported by more customers using digital channels to bank, telecommunications companies are well positioned to offer financial services through their network infrastructure, including XL Axiata,” said president director & CEO of XL Axiata Dian Siswarini.

Through this collaboration, XL Axiata customers can access banking services such as opening savings, e-wallets, subscription discounts through myXL application and vice versa, CIMB Niaga customers will be able to get XL Axiata services through CIMB Niaga’s digital application. This cooperation and collaboration can also continue to be developed so that in addition to providing benefits for both parties, it will also be able to increase the attractiveness for customers or consumers.

The cooperation between CIMB Niaga and XL Axiata is in line with CIMB Niaga’s mission to provide universal banking services in Indonesia and ASEAN in an integrated manner. This is also one of the real steps to strengthen the transformation as a bank that provides leading digital banking services in Indonesia, in accordance with CIMB Niaga’s commitment to provide easy and practical services for the community.